Car Shipping

Containerized shipping of your car is available to most destinations. Often, your car can be shipped together in the same container with a moderate-sized shipment of household goods. Our car shipping specialists will safely block, brace and secure your car for safe transport. Both export and import customs documentation will be arranged to clear your car with the customs authorities.


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If your overseas destination is a port city or near a port, specialized car carrier ship service is also an option for shipping your car. These large ships resemble an enclosed floating garage with ramps that allow cars and other vehicles to be driven on and off the ship, somewhat like a ferry. The cars are secured down to prevent them from moving during the voyage. This unique car shipping service is called “ Roll-on, Roll-Off service” or Ro-Ro for short. Ro-ro is available to many major-market port cities. For clients who wish to deliver their cars directly to the Port of New York, our concierge service is available to assist you at the pier.