Containerized Household Goods Shipping

We specialize in door to door containerized shipping of household goods and personal effects. For most medium to large households moving by seafreight, steel steamship containers, available in standard sizes of 20 feet and 40 feet in length, are used. Wherever street conditions are favorable and parking space is available, the container and be brought to your address and loaded directly at your home.

Containerization eliminates much of the intermediate re-handling of goods in transit. At the port of loading, the sealed containers are transferred from truck to ship by container cranes. For longer inland journeys, haulage by train or river barges are used in many parts of the world to move your shipment to the destination city. When truck access conditions are favorable, the container will be delivered directly to your home for unloading into your new residence.

Liftvan crates are another containerized shipping method used for smaller shipments, those requiring a higher level of protection, and for shipments within the USA, and to Canada and Mexico. Our expert packers will safely load and secure your shipment into sealed liftvans crates.