In-home Survey and Estimate

WebsitePhoto2ManWithCalculatorsurveyorThe planning process for your move begins with a survey in your home. Our representative will view the items you plan to ship and estimate the weight and volume of your shipment. The survey is also essential to determine if any special services or equipment will be needed, the amount of time and materials needed for packing and loading, and to assess the truck access conditions at your residence. During the survey, our representative can offer valuable information and advice to help plan your move. WebsitePhoto2AhandshakeA professional survey visit is the most important part of organizing a successful move.

Containerized Household Goods Shipping

We specialize in door to door containerized shipping of household goods and personal effects. For most medium to large households moving by seafreight, steel steamship containers, available in standard sizes of 20 feet and 40 feet in length, are used. Wherever street conditions are favorable and parking space is available, the container and be brought to your address and loaded directly at your home.

Containerization eliminates much of the intermediate re-handling of goods in transit. At the port of loading, the sealed containers are transferred from truck to ship by container cranes. For longer inland journeys, haulage by train or river barges are used in many parts of the world to move your shipment to the destination city. When truck access conditions are favorable, the container will be delivered directly to your home for unloading into your new residence.

Liftvan crates are another containerized shipping method used for smaller shipments, those requiring a higher level of protection, and for shipments within the USA, and to Canada and Mexico. Our expert packers will safely load and secure your shipment into sealed liftvans crates.

Packing, Crating and Loading Containers

WebsitePhoto6wrappingwhitesofaWebsitePhoto6Awrappedsofa (2)

Professional packing and wrapping of your furniture and personal effects at origin are the keys to a successful shipment. Our packing crews will carefully pack and wrap your furnishings with protective materials, mark, label and prepare an inventory-packing list for your shipment.



WebsitePhoto10AirCargoAirfreight is a practical option for time-sensitive shipments and for shipments to interior inland destinations. A small advance shipment of necessities by airfreight to can help you and your family to settle-in to your new destination residence while your seafreight shipment is in route. We can tailor an airfreight shipment of personal effects to meet your needs and your budget.


WebsitePhoto11storagepalletvaultsContainerized storage for your household goods is available for both short-term and long-term storage needs. The modern warehouse facilities are equipped with pallet vault containers for safe and secure storage of household goods.

Car Shipping

Containerized shipping of your car is available to most destinations. Often, your car can be shipped together in the same container with a moderate-sized shipment of household goods. Our car shipping specialists will safely block, brace and secure your car for safe transport. Both export and import customs documentation will be arranged to clear your car with the customs authorities.


WebsitePhoto13rorocar WebsitePhoto14rorocardeck

If your overseas destination is a port city or near a port, specialized car carrier ship service is also an option for shipping your car. These large ships resemble an enclosed floating garage with ramps that allow cars and other vehicles to be driven on and off the ship, somewhat like a ferry. The cars are secured down to prevent them from moving during the voyage. This unique car shipping service is called “ Roll-on, Roll-Off service” or Ro-Ro for short. Ro-ro is available to many major-market port cities. For clients who wish to deliver their cars directly to the Port of New York, our concierge service is available to assist you at the pier.

Domestic Containerized Moving

For moves within the USA or to Canada and Mexico, we use the same proven containerized packing and shipping methods that were developed for overseas moving and put them to work for your move within the continent. Liftvan crates are especially efficient for moving smaller domestic shipments of one to three rooms of furniture. Regardless if your move is large or small, please contact us for an estimate. Small shipment service is an important part of our business, and we give them our full attention. Our philosophy is: there are no small customers…only small shipments.

Distribution of Goods for Estates, Trusts and Inheritances

We work closely together with executors, administrators, heirs, beneficiaries, trustees, attorneys, appraisers, Certified Public Accountants and other fiduciaries to handle the transportation and distribution of household goods and personal effects from an Estate or Trust. We realize that the timely completion of the distribution of the property of an Estate is always a high priority. Our project supervisor will coordinate all the details to sort, label and route the bequests to the beneficiaries with sensitivity, accuracy and efficiency.

Origin and Destination Agent Services

We partner together with many international movers from around the world who share our mission of providing professional, quality moving services with personal attention to details. If you are an international mover seeking a partner for the New York City area who will give your clients the same care and attention as we do for our own, we invite your OA/DA service inquiries.


Our agent services for the moving and storage trade include:

  • Complete origin and destination services for household removal goods.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Comprehensive quotations.
  • Timely communications.
  • Accurate surveys and site inspections.
  • Airfreight and ocean freight forwarding services.
  • Clearance and delivery of general commodities and trade show materials.
  • Automobile shipping services.
  • From our base in Basking Ridge, New Jersey ( near NYC) , we provide OA/ DA services in New York City and suburbs, the entire State of New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia.
  • Our network of local USA agents can provide you with quality services throughout the country with the convenience of one call and one point of contact.


WebsitePhoto18NYCskylinenightNew York City is called “The City That Never Sleeps”………. but you and your clients can rest easy, knowing that the move will be well cared for by PRM INTERNATIONAL.